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Tangerine Tango!

I am personally a bright-color-all-around type of person. Give me red, or yellow, or bright blue or green (check out the picture to see what I am talking about). So I first decided the underlining color of this blog to be bright canary yellow, which is also inline with the little yellow sun that pops up from time to time 🙂 Ah, but there was one thing I didn’t think about – links in the posts were unreadable. So I am thinking I will try the new Pantone Color of the year v.2012 – Tangerine Tango. It’s kind of a reddish orange. Do you like it? I bet it will be a hit.

It can be worn….

… or used to brighten your day at home.

I am looking forward to seeing clothes in this shade in the shops… but keeping in mind that this is Bulgaria after all… I guess I won’t have the chance to wear the color for another year or so 🙂 Not complaining though. You gotta love what you have.

<Photos: Taken from the official Pantone website, the Telegraph, and this lovely blog.>