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Hooray! My @stickygram magnets just arrived! Made from my  very own #instagram pictures! Pure magic :)

For some time now, about 6 months or so, I have been taking photos with my phone and posting them to Instagram. It started just for fun, but then it downed on me that I can use them in my blog posts. I have many marvelous pics taken on the go (most of them Instagrammed). And I have always wanted to do something with them. My research lead me to StickyGram. A company that allows you to make MAGNETS, that’s right, out of your best and most cherished shots! I just received the first batch I ordered, and the pictures look delicious 🙂 It has been so long, that I had a picture printed… Can’t wait to gift them to my friends and family. I will definitely order more.

And if you are wondering what to do with your treasured Instagram pictures, here are three of my favorite very very cool options:

  1. The above mentioned StickyGram. You get 9 magnets for only $14.99 with FREE shipping to anywhere in the world!
  2. Casetagram empowers you to create a very customized iPhone4 case, with your Instagram shots. The price is $34.95, again free shipping worldwide.
  3. Finally, with Instagoodies, you get to print 90 of your photos as 2.5cm stickers for $14. Let the sticking frenzy begin!

All that being said, I don’t want you to think I am advertising those companies. They are just on my “To Try” list. And I am still looking for a company that actually prints nicely and SPHIPS Instagram photos to Bulgaria. So if you have any idea, drop me a line! Thanks!