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20120531-131539.jpg It’s one of those days – when I feel great for no apparent reason at all. Or maybe there is a reason – finally succeeding to make a great loking sock bun, or finally having sun bathing my skin at lunch, after two weeks of heavy rain, or just plain laugh with a friend. Summer doesn’t seem so far away today, so it’s time for some summer plannig, travels, dinners with friends and family and lots and lots of sun! No wonder I am in a great mood.

Up until last year I’ve prided myself on being a person with no big worries, or problems. I was always smiling. To everyone. I was the most positive and enthusiastic person on Earth. Well life proved me wrong. This year is much harder than anything I’ve experienced in my life. And yet, I am still smiling. Nevertheless, there is a small grain of sadness in my smile today. It’s because I’ve learned that happiness is really not the nonexistence of problems, I’ve learned that to be optimistic and smiling when your character is tested everyday required much more strength and control, I and that as you grow up problems become an everyday matter. The only important thing is my attitude. I can break down and complain, or I can smile and fight back. It’s that simple.