In the hardest moments of your life


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How do you ask someone to give their blood for you? You don’t. If you are lucky enough you will have amazing people in your life who will offer to do it themselves. And leave you speechless…and so grateful.
If you let them, people will definitely surprise you.


March Always Changes Us


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New ex, new sunny office, new promotion, new phone…and these are only the ‘material’ changes March brought me. But there is something more…beneath the surfice. A calmer, newly adopted approach to live. One that does not require, does not judge, and is not in a hurry. One that wants to discover, craves adventure and sees new beginnings everywhere. Sometimes it takes us just a couple of silent days in the mountain to relize we’ve taken a new direction.


Да не забравяме, че всичко зависи от теб и мен…


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На най-женския ден в годината, песента на Поли ми напомня, че понякога най-големите ми постижения съм постигнала “на инат” (понякога женски, друг път просто вроден :). И че, когато имам цел, не трябва да се отказвам.

Защото хората, които успяват са тези, които всеки ден правят малката допълнителна крачка. Тези, които вярват, че могат много. Тези, които имат дръзки мечти. Тези, които знаят как да разчитат на себе си. Тези, които могат да увличат и ентусиазират всички наоколо. Тези, които имат силата да бъдат тук и сега. Тези, на които им пука.

Нека всички приличаме малко повече на тези хора.

“Да, знам, ще намериш сила в мен
и небето да достигнем,
на инат, пак сме тук!”

Колко можем да постигнем?


‎Ако някога дойде ден…


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‎Ако някога дойде ден, в който не сме заедно, трябва да знаеш някои неща… Ти си по-смел, отколкото вярваш, по-силен, отколкото изглеждаш и по-умен, отколкото си мислиш. Но най-важното нещо е, че независимо дали сме разделени, аз винаги ще бъда до теб и винаги ще те обичам! ~ Мечо Пух

Варна през Март


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Покрай непланираното посещение при баба и дядо се озовахме във Варна. Тя ни посрещна със студ, слънце, разходка по улица “Крайбрежна”, цяло ято лебеди, гореща рибена чорба и пресни миди и ни изпрати със седем-минутна, третомартенска заря. На път за вкъщи, прибираме по едно рапанче в шепа и дъха на морето. Сбогуваме се с него, но само за малко, защото съвсем скоро се надяваме да го видим пак. 🙂 Спокойствие, бяло вино, френски шансони и няколко откраднати часа край морето е всичко, което ни трябва, за да се разделим поне за малко с нашето забързано ежедневие.


Announcing a global talent search for TED2013 speakers


TED is auditioning for 2013 speakers. Here is an idea worth spreading!
I don’t know a person, who has watched a TED video (or two) and didn’t like it. It’s all about passion.

TED Blog

UPDATE: Get details on online signups for events near you: list of opening dates for TED2013 auditions.

The best moments at TED have often come from unexpected places. But this year, we’re pushing that to an entirely new level. We’re staging a global talent search to bring together the most remarkable lineup in TED’s history. A series of public talent searches in cities around the world will reveal voices, talents and ideas that delight and surprise. As a result, at least half of our TED2013 program will literally be crowd-sourced through what we’re calling the TED2013 Worldwide Talent Search.

Public events will be happening in 14 countries on six continents — in Amsterdam, Bangalore, Doha, Johannesburg, London, Nairobi, New York, São Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Sydney, Tokyo, Tunis and Vancouver — between April and June 2012. The talent searches will be official TED events, and we’ve tapped local TEDx organizers…

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3 Cool Ways to Print and Enjoy Your Instagram Photos


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Hooray! My @stickygram magnets just arrived! Made from my  very own #instagram pictures! Pure magic :)

For some time now, about 6 months or so, I have been taking photos with my phone and posting them to Instagram. It started just for fun, but then it downed on me that I can use them in my blog posts. I have many marvelous pics taken on the go (most of them Instagrammed). And I have always wanted to do something with them. My research lead me to StickyGram. A company that allows you to make MAGNETS, that’s right, out of your best and most cherished shots! I just received the first batch I ordered, and the pictures look delicious 🙂 It has been so long, that I had a picture printed… Can’t wait to gift them to my friends and family. I will definitely order more.

And if you are wondering what to do with your treasured Instagram pictures, here are three of my favorite very very cool options:

  1. The above mentioned StickyGram. You get 9 magnets for only $14.99 with FREE shipping to anywhere in the world!
  2. Casetagram empowers you to create a very customized iPhone4 case, with your Instagram shots. The price is $34.95, again free shipping worldwide.
  3. Finally, with Instagoodies, you get to print 90 of your photos as 2.5cm stickers for $14. Let the sticking frenzy begin!

All that being said, I don’t want you to think I am advertising those companies. They are just on my “To Try” list. And I am still looking for a company that actually prints nicely and SPHIPS Instagram photos to Bulgaria. So if you have any idea, drop me a line! Thanks!

10 things I do every day


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First climbing experience! Quite the challenge!

  1. Think like a winner. Every little change starts with one person. Small wins amass and change the world. The small things you do every day, that’s what matters. Everyday can be a holyday. It doesn’t have to be a special date on the calendar. Every day can bring you success, happiness, or just make you feel content, whit what you do. It’s up to me. It’s up to you. And every day counts.
  2. Get inspired. Read a nice book, watch a creative video, read a great quote, or a blog post, stop & look at a masterpiece for a moment. Experience greatness, let it flow and feel it. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm, as Ralf Waldo Emerson said.
  3. Boost my motivation. I’ve read somewhere that motivation is not something we should take for granted. Just as our bodies need food every day, our mind needs motivation, challenges, clashes of ideas… Provide those every day.
  4. Foster my dreams & ideas. Doesn’t matter if there are new or old, if they are mine or stolen. The tiniest idea can sink so deep in your conscience that it can change you forever. And sometimes it’s the small things (the ones I don’t necessarily notice) that help me grow.
  5. Question everything. Is this the best way to do this? Is it the simplest way? Will it help? Am I doing the best I can? And so on… Don’t’ get me wrong I do not doubt myself; I am just always searching for a better me.
  6. Observe. Sometime ago I started taking photos. On the go. With my phone. I don’t strive for the best quality here. I just want to see the world and the people around me in a different angle. I stop and think about how I can see gratitude, joy, friendship, success, content… in the photos I take. And I strive to notice all these things more and more. Every day. This beautifies and enriches my world. And I find myself looking for new things to discover and photograph.
  7. Be grateful. This is a hard thing to do. Being grateful. Expressing gratitude toward someone. Most people don’t even mean it when they say ‘thank you’. But a couple of months I found myself in a thigh place and situation so-hard-to-bear (unprovoked and unexpected), that I was forced to turn to the people around me. And they ASTONISHED me. Most of them I have known for less than 6 months, but I don’t think that even my best-est of friends would have succeeded in comforting me better, making me feel understood, and most of all showing me real care. I didn’t think that people like these existed. I have never met people so great, so caring, so generous. (I thought they only existed in my favorite books). I gladly confess that I was mistaken.
  8. Share. Sharing is a hard lesson to learn. I am grateful I was brought up with hard-coded sharing values. I believe that eventually everything comes back to us. The Earth is round, and we are all just energy. So the more we share the more we connect. With each other. With ourselves. An idea I share can travel a thousand kilometers, a line I write can reach thousands of people. It doesn’t matter, what you do, just share it.
  9. Never stop doing/helping. Everybody has a thing… my thing? Enthusiasm, smiles, radiating positive energy. But for all those, I need to feel content with myself. And the more I do in a single day, the better and more satisfied I feel. I like goals, because I like feeling great about achieving them.
  10. Have a date with reality. I try to figure out what made me happy, or sad. I strive to see the value in everything that I spend time on. I don’t want to wake up one day and realize that a big chunk of my life has passed me by while I was thinking I am doing something with my life. Only to realize that I was mistaken. I challenge myself, I tend to learn something new, I strive to spend more time with the people that matter. Sometimes I talk too much, sometimes I am too silent… It’s not a change of mood, or a caprice, it’s just my way to sync with everything around me.

Ангелчето ми умря или как се привързваме към ненужни вещи без да разберем


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My Christmas Angel

Преди повече от две години това разпръскващо светлина ангелче кацна на моя прозорец. Подариха ми го приятели, по времето на края на една любов и загубата на един човек. По Коледа. Ей така, за да ми свети и всяка нощ да ме кара да вярвам, че ангели (добри хора) има. Незнайно как толкова съм се привързала към него. И го разбрах едва когато то падна от перваза и се натроши. Буквално му се прекършиха крилата. Стана ми мъчно, че тново губя нещо. И се замсилих. Разбрах, че всъщност прекалено лесно се привързвам, а не трябва. Всичко е преходно. И е хубаво да е така, защото иначе ще седим на едно място и няма да научим нищо ново и няма да дадем шанс на новите хора в живота ни.

Нали в крайна сметка животът ни дава не хората, които искаме, а тези от които имаме нужда. Хора, които ще ни помогнат, хора, които ще ни наранят, хора, които ще ни напуснат и такива, които ще ни обичат, защото тези хора ще ни помогнат да станем човека, който трябва да бъдем.